Fair Share Hours

The goal of the Fair Share Hours program is to encourage each family to participate in and benefit from their student’s band program. By participating in the program, you are not only role modeling, but, you are contributing to the future success of the music program, building relationships and supporting your child’s success. Each family is responsible for volunteering 5 hours with the band. These hours are regardless of the number of students in your family participating in band. Fair Share Hours do not have to be completed by parents. Grandparents, other adult family members, friends, etc. may volunteer and you also have the opportunity to volunteer for other band students once you complete your own family’s hours by letting the Volunteer Coordinators know which student you are volunteering on behalf of. A cumulative record will be kept for each family by the Volunteer Coordinators. Anytime you are working on SOA High School Band Business, your time counts for your Fair Share Hours. If you volunteer outside of requested volunteer opportunities, please communicate your volunteer hours and activities to the volunteer coordinators. If you are unable to complete your volunteer hours, you may “buy out” your hours at $10.00 per hour. Volunteer hours not completed by the end of April will be billed in May. If you intend to “opt out” of all volunteer opportunities, please pay $50 by October 1.

Volunteers are required to register with Charleston County School District’s Online Volunteer Application.  
In order to ensure a safe school environment for CCSD students, faculty, staff and visitors, all individuals serving as a volunteer with the Charleston County School District must complete an online application process, which includes a complete criminal background check which can be found at the following link: Volunteer Application

Volunteer opportunities are posted on the HS News & Updates page and on the CHARMS website.