SOA Bands About The High School Band

About The High School Band

High School Band Boosters

The purpose of the SOA High School Band Boosters is to:

  • Provide financial and logistical support to the band and the director;
  • Promote a positive image to the students;
  • Aid in the development of student involvement;
  • Promote student leadership;
  • Assist and support the band director;  and
  • Cooperate in creating and maintaining an outstanding band.

Executive Board

Lori Kothera, President

Terance Wood, 1st Vice President/Communications

Emily Szymkowicz, 2nd Vice President/Fundraising

Lori Fox, Treasurer

Stephanie Severance, Secretary

Oversight Committee

Lori Kothera, Oversight President

Lori Fox, Oversight Treasurer

High School Board

Tiffany Summers, Volunteer Coordinator

Stephanie Severance, Uniform Coordinator

Theresa Horan, JR/SR Representative

Lori Kothera, FR/SO Representative

Stephanie Severance, MS/HS Liaison

Theresa Horan, Orchestra Liaison

Kay Conyers, Trip Coordinator