SOA Band Students and Parents:

SOA Band Virtual students (and any in-class students that did not perform on our last recording session) are reminded that they must take a written exam for band. Seniors are exempt. This exam will take place during the exam time for WIND ENSEMBLE or SYMPHONIC BAND. If they have Mr. Turner for 2 band classes, this one exam will count for both band classes, so it will NOT be necessary for them to take a band exam on their B-Day band class exam time. The date and time of the Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band exams are listed below. The study guide is in Announcements in Canvas. On the day/time of the exam, they will need to print out the exam, fill it out, and upload it into the Canvas assignment titled BAND FINAL EXAM. (This assignment is not up yet, but will be the day before the exam).

Wind Ensemble Exam Date/Time

Friday, June 11
1A Study- 8:30-9:30am
Break/Log-In Time- 9:30-9:40am
1A Exam- 9:45-11:25am

Symphonic Band Exam Date/Time

Tuesday, June 15
4A Study- 12:05-1:30pm
Break/Log-In Time- 1:35-1:45pm
4A Exam- 1:45-3:30pm