Middle School Band Oyster Roast

Tickets for the annual SOA MS Band Oyster Roast & Silent Auction are on sale now!
Sunday, March 7, 2021 from 1-5pm at Bowens Island

Get tickets at http://url9345.charmsmusic.com/ls/click?upn=-2BDmUTwQO-2BV0Mh8uaCgzRqezM05lfOEVgqmhAWnrl5jAU9CX9pGiWN6QVF17ntaAIaaqW_ukpRjRQPrUrpfzP2m8bB-2FTBrxq-2FmVJ-2BmG3dFNf5io8cndB-2FqvlHSAu6up7tXhowjE0Wjf9fvx2piwfRo-2BDL2j35vYFo1Jyz6iuDxVDNq4ZGOWgSVo1m2wsm3vV5O170eVB-2BgoPTKKc68NuyhW-2FkOb9eEmQjo847Udpy7nsfWgje3kHg3q97uCOEcWMoi6TxZrUR-2FmGKT0T8NPZcqb0-2FSR1XT6-2B7I3qYICl7hdA3eKrM-3D
You also have the option to make a donation to the band if you cannot attend.

The price of admission includes oysters, barbecue, and non-alcoholic drinks. Beer and wine will be available for purchase. To ensure social distancing at this outdoor event, tickets will be limited, so order now to reserve your spot!

The silent auction will be held on a virtual platform, so you don’t have to be present to bid or win.

This is a major fundraiser for the middle school band. Money raised ensures that our students continue to play on high quality instruments. Thank you for your support!

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