HS Band Dress

Hello Band Families!

Important Update to a previous email about the HS Band Dress:

After much discussion, 2 sample dresses being decided upon, ordered and viewed on by the band ladies, it was an overall consensus that the ladies would like to stay with the current dress style and NOT make a change right now.

Please see details below and feel free to now order the Mariposa style dress. Keep in mind that there are upcoming performances. Shipping is very fast- altering will take the most time. The dresses arrive very long. For this first performance the ladies will be seated so if alterations are not complete by performance date the girls could adjust.

Due to the late notice, if you have a current black MS dress that fits this will be fine for the rest of this year but the Mariposa would definitely be required by the start of the 2021 school year.

Feb. 23 T  3:45 – 8pm    Jazz/Chamber CPA Concert Recording Session
Mar. 4 Th  3:45 – 8pm    WE/SB/Middle School CPA Recording Session
May. 4-5 T, W  3:45 – 8pm    Senior Thesis Recording Sessions
May. 11 T  3:45 – 8pm    Jazz/Chamber Spring Concert Recording Session
May. 20 Th  3:45 – 8pm    WE/SB Spring Concert Recording Session

WE- Wind Ensemble
SB- Symphonic Band

The dress is the “MARIPOSA” by Stage Accents. It is worn with black hose or tights and black dress shoes.

The Mariposa dress can be ordered from Stage Accents. http://url9345.charmsmusic.com/ls/click?upn=-2BDmUTwQO-2BV0Mh8uaCgzRqe5OmxbLTNazbcu04N-2FdhcmNt0cwGIxCltZd0FTkVqYfs7Yp_ukpRjRQPrUrpfzP2m8bB-2FTBrxq-2FmVJ-2BmG3dFNf5io8cF4kaDkeo2JGx7o7IB3wTY1OmafmBK6RGiA83PgIrmifboL-2BK5DVXW2wpI7pJqs3UvW1MfimyTo3BGNpD7h8a3xl00dbCZflsduBukL4XU3FY2d-2FLWL54lpp-2FNrHgj66dUPobLLpoBgrSwmMeVDUS9nCwX67X9P9Ghc-2BnHt7xKvBkNEZtJ8EcQTr-2BEAxbgmrs-3D


Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

A big thank you to Mr. Turner, Dr. Selby, Adina Garner, Theresa Horan and Lori Kothera for exploring this possibility. I am happy this was a collaborative effort with all to keep our ladies looking their best!

Stephanie Severance

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