Very Important HS Band Email- Dates and Uniform Requirements

Hi Band Family!

It’s time to discuss the formal band attire for this year. Mr. Turner anticipates a couple of upcoming performances per band that would require formal attire. At this time the performances would be videotaped with all students seated at the time of taping. Unfortunately, there are no live concerts planned at this time due to Covid 19. The dates for the recording sessions are as follows.

Feb. 23 T  3:45 – 8pm    Jazz/Chamber CPA Concert Recording Session
Mar. 4 Th  3:45 – 8pm    WE/SB/Middle School CPA Recording Session
May. 4-5 T, W  3:45 – 8pm      Senior Thesis Recording Sessions
May. 11 T  3:45 – 8pm    Jazz/Chamber Spring Concert Recording Session
May. 20 Th  3:45 – 8pm    WE/SB Spring Concert Recording Session

For the ladies: Please dig out those black formal dresses. It is the Mariposa from Stage Accents.
As stated above the students would be seated for video taping so if the dress is a little short or long- that wont be an issue for these couple of performances. There is ongoing discussion about possibly changing the dress style in the near future so we don’t want anyone to purchase a new current style dress at this time. PLEASE let us know if there is an issue with the current black dress. For those that were in middle school last year- you can wear that dress (hopefully it still fits) if not please let us now ASAP and we can see what is available to borrow in the HS inventory of used dresses. As soon as a new style is decided upon we will let you know. Black hose or tights and black flat dress shoes to be worn. A black long formal dress is required for the stage recording sessions.

For the gentlemen: Please ensure you’re current tux fits and is in good condition. If you do not have a tux currently or need replacement items please order ASAP. Place make sure you have  notch collar tuxes and formal, wing-collar shirts, black bow ties and cummerbunds with black dress shoes and socks (see below link for example).  No tennis shoes, running shoes, basketball shoes, etc. allowed.
Individual pieces can also be ordered if you are missing a shirt, pants or bow tie. This is just a recommendation of where to order the tuxedo parts. You can also go to any local tuxedo shop or an online store (Amazon) to purchase items.

To order online go to Tuxedo wholesaler and order the Basic Tuxedo Package. The notch lapel option is about $90 without tax and shipping.

Basic Tuxedo Package

SOA Bands | Middle & High School

Click on the “High School Bands” link and go to the “concert attire” drop down menu.  If you already have your concert attire you should still check out the band website. It has some great information.

Jazz Band Members: Please send an email to Stephanie Severance if your student needs a Jazz Band Polo Shirt. Every year the Jazz Band Members receive a polo shirt. This year the style will not change. Only send Stephanie an email IF your student needs this polo shirt. Please locate the shirt form last year. The order will be placed on 2/1/2021 to ensure they are received and given out to the student by the 2/23/21 recording date.
Include the student’s name and size.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Have a wonderful day!

Stephanie Severance
HS Booster Uniform Coordinator
Kenneth D. Turner
Director of Bands, Charleston SOA High School

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