SOA Band Parents,

I want to make you aware of the changes to the Region Band/All-State audition process this year. Students were provided an audition ticket which is specific to them. If they have lost their ticket, they need to email me asap at, and I will email them another copy.

Auditions will be submitted via the Heart Out app on their phone. Once they set up their account, to access the audition, they need to type in SCBDA21R, then their code on the audition ticket. They get 5 attempts at recording, and their entire audition must be in each attempt. Once they have a take they are satisfied with, they use the app to submit their recording.

If your child receives a call-back audition to audition for All-State, SCBDA will use the same recording your child submitted to the region audition to be judges at the all-state level. The submission deadline is Saturday, January 23 at 11:59pm. Students are encouraged to not wait until the last minute to submit. SCBDA will NOT issue a deadline extension to any student, even if that student has technical issues. Plan ahead. If they have trouble with the app, the best way to troubleshoot is by using the chat function on HeartOut.

Lastly, auditions are not even being judged until January 30, so we will not have any information about call-backs/chairs until well after January 30. Of course, I will share that info with your student as soon as I know.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions. Good luck to all of our SOA High School Band Students!