Hello HS Band Parents

We hope that everyone knows that the SOA High School Bands will be putting on their winter performances on December 6th at the North Charleston Riverfront Park at 2:00pm in the afternoon.  We hope that every is as excited about this as we are.

This email is a reminder of the attire for this concert, with a slight update.  A copy of the original email is below from our Uniform Coordinator, Stephanie Severance.  All the information in that email still applies to the winter concert performance.  We do, however, have an addition to add regarding your attire for that day.  Mr. Turner has said that the students can add holiday accessories to their attire.  This means holiday hats and scarfs and other appropriate accessories.  However, Mr. Turner does reserve the right determine whether an accessory is deemed appropriate to wear per his judgment so please, let’s keep it as simple as possible but FESTIVE!!

*******Original Message***********************************

Hi HS Band parents-

Just a quick update on band uniforms. There is no need to order a formal band dress or tuxedo at this time. 

Great news- plans are underway for an outdoor, afternoon concert in November and below is the expected band attire for all band members. Mr. Turner is actively working this and will let us know as details emerge. 

For now we would ask that all students (both Jazz bands, symphonic band and wind ensemble) be prepared with the following professional attire.  Please- NO leggings, athletic pants, black jeans, anything ripped, T-shirts or miniskirts.

1.       Boys- Black slacks/black shirt with black socks and shoes

2.       Girls- Black slacks/dress/skirt with black shirt, black hose/socks and black shoes (preferably flats)

Thanks so much for all you’re support. Please let me know if there are any questions or concerns. 

Stephanie Severance


Uniform coordinator