Happy November High School Band Families,

We are kicking off a fruit fundraiser to raise money for general band expenses throughout the school year.  This year the band program has been faced with looking at other ways to do things.  So many people do not think of Jump, Jive, Wail as a fundraiser, but with full transparency, it was a huge fundraiser for the HS Band.  As we move further into this school year, it does not look like we are able to host an event on the scale of Jump, Jive, and Wail.  So why not have a contactless, no money exchanged or turned in, fruit sale. All profits from the sale will go directly to the general band account to help pay for clinicians, sheet music and new literature, and instrument repairs.  We really need all of your support more than ever!

This is a great time to purchase healthy, vitamin-packed fruit that will be shipped directly to your door.  There is no pick up, no delivery, and no handling of cash.  Just click on the link below to make your purchase.  Please send the link to all your friends and family and post it to your social media so everyone can purchase delicious, nutritious fruit!  The fundraiser begins tonight and will run through FRIDAY DECEMBER 4. Click on the link below to purchase your fresh fruit.


Please let us know if you have any questions:

Thank you,
Amy Walton
SOA High School Band Booster Fundraising Chair