Many parents have asked for the best way to drop off the requested supplies to the High School Band Room.

If your band student is returning to school this Thursday, just send in the labeled supplies with your child.

Other suggestions and alternatives for drop off:
1. Drop off supplies after the school day until 4 pm. Please email Mr. Turner and let him know which day you would be coming so he would know to stay. 4 pm is the latest time and you can come into the building from the main entrance and proceed directly to the High School Band Room.

2. Take to the front desk and leave for Mr. Turner. He mentioned that the front desk staff would save it for him. If using that option please email Mr. Turner that there has been a drop off so he will know to go to the front office to pick up.

3. If ordering online you can send directly to SOA c/o Mr. Turner. Use the school’s mailing address and address the shipment to Mr. Ken Turner. The package will be received at SOA and placed in the mailroom for him.

4. Contact me and I will arrange a pick up for you and deliver to the band room.

Here is the link again incase you did not get a chance to sign up for a much needed item. As the amount of band students come back to the band room the boosters want to ensure that every student has cleaning and personal protection supplies. Recommended amount for fair share hour credit is $25.00 in supply purchase.

Remember to receive credit for 2 hours of your fair share hours, your donation must be clearly labeled with your student’s name. Deadline for supplies is October 30.