Dear SOA Band Parents,

CCSD District Administration is asking all teachers to submit their next year’s class rosters by the end of this week. Having auditions this early in the year is like having athletic team tryouts for next year’s team right in the middle of this year’s season.

The bottom line is that I’ve been asked to turn in my best guess for next year’s classes by the end of this week. I’m only allowed to make a few changes at the end of the year. All students currently in Wind Ensemble and SOA Jazz (top jazz band) will stay in the same class; many students in Symphonic Band and Jazz Lab will also stay in the same classes. I will take a close look at student performance, and student achievement so far this year, and I will recommend for promotion only those students in which I have high confidence in moving up. These students will still need to demonstrate readiness at the audition in late April.

April Audition: ALL students who are interested in moving from Symphonic Band to Wind Ensemble, or from Jazz Lab into SOA Jazz, will need to audition in late April. A few spaces will be left open in both Wind Ensemble and SOA Jazz, and April auditions will be held to determine which students (rising 9th graders included) demonstrate the best readiness for those levels. Audition requirements and music will be released to all students at the same time, around the end of March.

Kenneth D. Turner
Director of High School Bands