Hello SOA HS Parents:

This email is to make sure that your band students have communicated to you clearly their requirements for the Senior Thesis performances.

Mr. Turner is requiring ALL STUDENTS (yes, including 9th, 10th & 11th graders) to attend at least ONE of the Senior Thesis performances and requiring them to complete a ‘critique form’ for a class grade.  As a reminder,  the performances will be held on next week, Wednesday & Thursday, February 12th & 13th.  Your students should have gotten this information in class this week.

Also, please consider visiting the Senior Thesis volunteer signup genius and help make the post-performance receptions an unforgettable evening for our wonderful class of Seniors.  This is a very special evening for our Seniors and their Parents, so let’s show them how much we love them!

Class of 2020 Senior Thesis Reception – Volunteer Link

Thanking you, as always, for your support for our SOA HS Band!