Week of October 22, 2018

“Notes” from
the Band Room

Dear SOA Band Families,

Welcome to the first issue of “Notes” from The Band Room for the 2018-2019 school year! We are so excited
that this school year is now well underway and while the hurricane weather a few weeks back set us all behind
we are now running at full speed here at The School of the Arts and ready for a great school year! Jump, Jive, &
Wail got us all in rhythm and we are ready to keep up the momentum.
This newsletter will be sent to you every week with updates and reminders regarding your band student’s
participation in the high school band program. Please feel free to email us at any time if you have questions
regarding the SOA Bands or if you would like more information about upcoming events and how to get

Please read below for “Notes” from Mrs. Smith that are very important for the first concert
Wednesday night, October 24! This information is being reviewed with all of the band students in
class, but here it is in the emailed, newsletter format for everyone to have, parents and students. The
Boosters also need several volunteers starting at 4:45 pm.
See the Sign-Up Genius links at the end of the newsletter.

The plan for WEDNESDAY:

3:30-3:40pm – Get Instruments/Music ONLY and line up in ensemble rows in hallway outside of band room.
(Instruments/Music ONLY. Concert attire/personal items will remain in the band room and locker storage
room. We will all walk as a group together to RMMT).

3:45-5:00pm – Dress Rehearsal/Logistics Review in the RMMT

– Review transitions. clarify logistics, start/rehearse each piece. If your ensemble is not performing, it is your
job to be a good audience member. No talking, but you may quietly be on your phones. You must remain
seated by ensemble in your rows if you are not on stage.
If we get everything accomplished before 5:00, we will end early and you will earn a longer break. If we are
not productive, we will eat into Dinner Break time.

5:00-5:40pm – Dinner Break in the Cafeteria***

Pizza from Little Caesars and salad from Panera Bread has been ordered. Band members that have dietary
restrictions please note that this is the meal being served on Wednesday and if you do not eat pizza or salad
you are asked to bring something to eat.
– We need parents ensuring that students stay in the cafeteria area/courtyard. No students are to roam the
school OR leave this area whatsoever. At 5:40pm, all students will transition together to the band room
bathrooms to change into concert attire.
5:40pm-6:15pm – Change into Concert Attire***

– No students will leave band room/band room bathrooms. We will need one parent per bathroom
monitoring student behavior. Parents will also be checking concert attire at this time. Once dressed, students
may hang out in the band room/band hallway but are NOT allowed to roam the school. Students will line up
outside of band room (as we did at 3:40) and we will move down to the theater together at 6:10pm.

***I need ALL HANDS-ON DECK and lots of parents for this part. We need as much supervision as possible. I
would like 5-8 parents from 5:00-6:15 if at all possible! ***


***After concert, we will need parent and student volunteers assisting with breakdown. We just breakdown
this evening. Chairs will be racked/stacked and remain in the RMMT per Mr. C’s request. Stands will be
racked and returned to Dr. Selby’s room and Percussion will be returned to Smith’s room. Percussionists are
responsible for getting percussion back in the band room where it belongs and back in its correct place.

From the Boosters:
There are many volunteer opportunities needed before and after the concert.
Here is the sign up for Wednesday: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/70A0F49AEAE2AA1F85-october

Looking into December the Chamber Classes will be performing for a grade at the Holiday Festival of Lights.
Mrs. Smith has asked for a few parent volunteers for that evening. Saturday, December 1, 2018.

Look for the next week’s “Notes” from the Band Room on Monday, October