“Come on Down!” September 28th for the SOA HS Band’s Game Show Concert

6:30pm in the Rose Marie Myers Theater; call time for band students is 5:30pm

The audience will be able sign up for a chance to be part of the show when they arrive and selections will be made on stage during the concert by a random drawing. Two contestants will be asked to “Come on Down!” before each segment.

There will be a tossup question to see which of the contestants will go on to the actual game.  There will be different mini-games associated with the music that the band will play.  Each contestant in the mini game will be asked to either name the tunes in order, put photos of either characters, musicians, movie stars etc. that relate to the music being played.  If the contestant gets it right, they win a prize.  If they get it wrong, they get a fun parting gift.

The audience will be a part of the fun, too, as there will be trivia games on the big screen for you to answer during the time before the concert and again at intermission.

The best contestant from the first half will compete with the best contestant from the second half to determine the “Grand Champion”!